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Improved sleep through space technology

Space travel helps kids to an improved sleep.

Sleep is important to all people and especially to kids. It is essential to their well-being and growth. Many parents focus heavily on their children sleeping habits. It has an appreciable influence on the well-being of the entire family if the children sleep soundly through the night. During sleep, the child rests and regains the energy it needs for a new day. But sleep does more than just restore energy. It helps the child process the numerous impressions of life through dreams. Sleep is essential to a child's well-being and growth. Practically, the entire production of the all-important growth hormone for one day takes place during the first hours of sleep.

Infants sleep lightly and go from light to deep sleep every hour. Older kids perspire a lot and tend to kick off their quilt - subsequently feeling too cold. Small and frequent disturbances lead to an uneasy sleep. Often, the parents will wake up too and have their sleep disrupted.

Improved sleep through space technology
Technology that helps astronauts maintain a steady body temperature during space walks now helps kids to a better sleep .

Once the astronauts leave the space shuttle to move around in space, they are exposed to huge variations in temperature – from extreme heat on the sunny side to bitter cold on the shady side! Inside the space suit, an Outlast® coating provides control of the astronaut's body temperature.

The TempraKON® baby/junior quilt, which has been further developed by the Danish quilt manufacturers Quilts of Denmark, works in the same way. The down filling absorbs the sweat whereas the TempraKON® coating absorbs excess body heat and releases it again once the body temperature drops. Not only is the body temperature kept steady throughout the night. It is also maintained at the most natural sleeping temperature, which is a little lower than normal day temperature. For TempraKON® to work as efficiently as possible, you should build an entire nest with quilt, pillow and mattress. Quilts of Denmark has developed a special foam mattress for kids which has a layer of down on top and the TempraKON® coating underneath. The surface of the foam mattress is similar to that of an egg tray, providing good air circulation and like that helping the kid to get rid of sweat.

The TempraKON® technology uses the body's own energy for the temperature control. Technically speaking, the Outlast® material consists of numerous microscopic, liquid-filled capsules. When the body temperature is too high, the liquid will absorb excess heat from the body and become fluid. Once the body cools off, the liquid solidifies and releases the heat back to the body. The kid's range of products comprises a baby-size quilt with pillow and a junior-size quilt, which also comes with a pillow. Distributed through specialists, department stores and BabySam.

Quilts of Denmark has been awarded the Space Certificate by The Space Foundation for further developing space technology for use in new products. TempraKON® is patented worldwide.

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